QUICKfind 1.3.2

Quickfind can be used to search and launch applications,files and music
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QuickFind is a software designed for fastest file and application access. You just type a word or phrase related to the file name or application name and
Quickfind shows all the related files to that name or word. Just double click the desired file and Quickfind will launch it immediately. Quickfind also enables the user to open web addresses added to the favorites.

Key Features:
Quickfind offers hotkey access which can be configured in the file menu.
Quickfind enables the user to find files with one click.
Quickfind uses different colors for representing different file type for user's convenience.Like,blue for application files(.EXE),green for ext files(.TXT),red for manuals (.PDF).
Through the colors can be customized.
Quickfind provides easy access to web addresses ,audio and video files as well. Just add the files to it's category in the favorite menu.
Quickfind also helps the user to find dead links to the files like ,any shortcut who's destination is changed or simply target missing file. User can modify the shortcuts then or remove from computer.
Quickfind offers two languages interface ,English and Deutsch.Language can be selected in the file-language menu.

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  • A very good software for fast access to all the files and applications installed on your computer
  • It also uses different color codes to define file types, so it becomes very easy for a user to access desired file, application, pdf files and music even


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